Pastured Chicken

Chicken: the original white meat and staple of the American diet.  If you take the time to really look into where your standard grocery store chicken comes from, how it’s raised, how it’s stored and processed, and what goes into that food staple before it goes into your body; it won’t take you long to realize that, in short, they’re doing it wrong.  The details of chicken production are unpleasant, and we’ll leave you to explore them on your own.  Instead, we put the focus on how a chicken should be raised and incorporate as much of that as possible into our pastured poultry production.  This includes:

  • Un-medicated feed
  • Non-GMO or organic feed
  • Introduction of natural/live feed as early as possible
  • Probiotics from organic apple cider vinegar or fermented feed
  • A clean living area
  • Minimal brooder time
  • Maximum time in the field
  • Fresh forage, bugs, air, sunlight, and water every single day
  • Organic trace minerals and feed supplements for a balanced diet

The chickens are raised in portable fenced in areas that rotated throughout our fields and orchards.  A chicken has the natural ability to seek out food sources that provide the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that it innately knows it needs.  By pasture-raising it, the chicken is free to choose between grasses, clover, bugs, fruit, flower, gravel, or anything else it requires.  To get a chicken to market weight in a marketable time, we still provide free-choice grain as well.  In the end, we have fat, healthy, active, happy chickens that make delicious wholesome food for your family.  The old axiom “you are what you eat” applies here, so we extend every effort to make it the best.

Believe it or not, the absence of stress to the animal is a factor in the quality of meat, and this requires a comprehensive plan to both raise and finally process the bird. Our processing is done by a professional, experienced processor in an immaculate facility who takes great care to treat the animals humanely right up until the end.  We like to think that as the cycle of life comes to a close for the bird, it’s had one bad day its whole life.

We grow our chickens for about 8-9 weeks and usually they’re about 6-8lbs dressed.

Our chicken operation is run several times a year and sells out quick. You can sign up for email alerts on our newsletter to know when our products will be available.


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