We have almost 2000 blueberry bushes that have been growing here for the better part of a century. There are many different varieties represented including Jersey, Earliblue, Herbert, Bluecrop, Blueray, Berkley, and Coville.  We prune our bushes aggressively each year as we work to steadily bring them back under ideal management and growth patterns.  Like everything else on the farm, our berry bushes are all “beyond organic”: we don’t use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other chemicals of any kind. Our blueberries are fresh and as natural as our land allows each year.

Improving the land the blueberry bushes grow on is a high priority for us. We will soon be grazing chickens and turkeys throughout the orchard to increase fertility, assist in pasture and weed management, and to help break common pest cycles.  Any leftover, rotten, discarded, or undesirable fruit is consumed by them which helps curtail the spread of pests and disease.  As we reshape the orchard for better management, utilization of space, and function stacking, we add new plantings of blueberry bushes each year. The new bushes bring vigor into the aging orchard, and new varieties give our customers more and better options, extend our growing seasons, and promote diversity.

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